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Contact us:
Hagar Import & Export
- 20, Malak Hefni st., Victoria, Alexandria, Egypt.
- 20, Gamal Abdel Nasser st., Victoria, Alexandria, Egypt.
- Tel.:002 03 3592125
- Fax: 002 03 3570975

Hagar Import & Export is a big importing company in Alexandria, Egypt. It was founded in 1998 and has expanded ever since.

We import & distribute all kinds of electronics like coaxial cables, computer cables, surveillance cameras, DVRs & LNBs, We also import solar systems & all its components like Solar Panels, Solar inverters, Solar Batteries & Solar Controllers.

The solar technology can be used in home illumination or in operating the different devices like fridges, LCDs, water heaters, washing machines, air conditioning and more.

With many years of experience starting from the year 1998 & up till now in the field of electronics, we import the best quality products& provide after sale services.

Our Product